Where is your Radio & Packet station and when was the last time you used it?

Once you dig yourself  out and secure your family and only after that, start your emergency procedure


Locate your radio.

Tune voice radio to your Net frequency.

Make a call to see who else is there.

If no one answers the you are Net control

Start a Net diagram and start gathering information.

Start to prepare a SitRep (situation report)

If a person come on with a better capabilities they may take Net control from you

If passing Net Control that includes your SitRep

Notepad is a quick and easy event log.

F5 inserts the date and local time (check the computer clock and make sure it is set corectly)


Start RMS Simple terminal (or standalone)

Type MHeard  (note the date and time if not correct set with the command DAY (yymmddhhmm)  

Once that is done type MHEARD Clear

Confirm MHeard is clear and date time is correct.

Exit RMS Simple terminal

Start RMS Express and open P2P session.

Wait 30 mins.

Shut down RMS Express.

Start up RMS Smple Terminal.

Type MHeard this will list all stations that were heard over the last 30 min.

now create your Data Net diagram.

Start RMS Express and open P2P session

Send your station situation report to your mutual radio partners.


Copy the RMS Express directory to memory stick and submit it.

Note: If you used RMS Simple terminal do the same and submit it.