Developed by the Winlink Development Team,  WDT

Winlink 2000 (WL2K) is a worldwide system of volunteer resources supporting e-mail by radio, with non-commercial links to internet e-mail. These resources come from Amateur Radio, the Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS), and other volunteer organizations. The system provides valuable service to emergency communicators, and to licensed radio operators without access to the internet.

The all-volunteer Winlink Development Team (WDT) is committed to continuous improvement using modern computer and networking technology with the most efficient and effective radio modes and digital protocols for local, regional and long-distance applications. You must hold an Amateur Radio license or be a member of a supported organization or agency to use the Winlink 2000 system.  Usage and software is free for all who qualify.

Winlink 2000 is an all-volunteer, non-profit project of the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation, Inc. (ARSFI). 

It functions only through the unselfish efforts of hundreds of Amateur Radio operators around the world, your membership in ARSFI, and your donations. Donate Now!