March 2015 Registration form

(Contains - Registration, Code of Conduct and Batch from)

1. Fill out the "Public Safety Lifeline Volunteer Registration Form"

2. Read "Code of Conduct"

3. Fill out the "Volunteer Batch sheet"

4. Include a picture in .JPG format

5. Include the address where to send the "Volunteer ID card"

6. Send all the above attention to:

In order to process the ID card request, we require the completion of the registration form & batch sheet.

A batch sheet must accompany every ID card request and include the name and address where the ID card is to be mailed. We also require an electronic .jpg photo of every volunteer. Our software program is unable to use printed photos. Please forward everything to my attention.  Many thanks.



Bev Goulet

Regional Office Administrator - Vancouver Island Region

Emergency Management British Columbia

PO Box 9201 Stn Prov Gov

Victoria BC  V8W 9J1

www.embc.bc.ca   www.ess.bc.ca

Ph 250.952.5848  Fax 250.952.4304 

24 Hour Emergency Reporting  1.800.663.3456